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From the Throne Flows the Water of Life (3) - To Study the Lord's Return We Should Listen to the Voice of God

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2632 views Published on Aug 6, 2016

Basically all of the prophecies mentioned in the Bible pertaining to the Lord's return have already come true. Most people have sensed that the Lord has already returned, so, how should we investigate this to make sure about the matter of whether or not Almighty God is the returned Lord Jesus? Should we make our judgment based on the prophecies of the Bible or should we directly investigate the word and work of Almighty God? How should we seize this extremely rare opportunity and greet the return of our Lord? Almighty God says, "What you ought to do is acceptance of, without the need for further substantiation from the Bible, any work so long as it is that of the Holy Spirit, for you believe in God to follow God, not to investigate Him. You should not search out further proof for Me to show that I am your God. Rather, you ought to discern whether I am of benefit to you; that is the key" (The Word Appears in the Flesh).


Tao Wei was a preacher from a house church. As her church grew more and more desolate day after day, her followers all became inactive and weak-spirited, and her own spirit grew dark. She could no longer feel the Lord's presence, and Tao Wei was confused, at a loss. How had the religious world lost the work of the Holy Spirit? Could it be that the Lord had already returned, and had appeared to do work elsewhere? … As Tao Wei urgently sought answers to these questions, she longed more and more to attain the supply of the living water of life from God. She and her brothers and sisters sought out God's work and appearance together, and finally came to the Church of Almighty God, where they began to communicate and debate with the preachers of the Church of Almighty God. … Will they be able to find the source of the living water of life at the Church of Almighty God? Will they be able to attain the water of life from the river that flows from the throne?