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Almighty God's Word "God's Utterances to the Entire Universe (The Twenty-seventh Utterance)"

Almighty God says, "In My joys and sorrows, My separation and being reunited with man, I cannot wax nostalgic. Separated in heaven above and on earth below, we are unable to meet regularly. Who could ever break free from nostalgia? Who could ever stop reminiscing about the past? Who would not eagerly anticipate the continuance of good feelings past? Who would not expect My return? Who would not long for My reunion with man? My heart is deeply troubled, and their spirits are deeply worried. Although we are the same in our spirits, we cannot often be together, and we cannot often see each other. … When they loudly entreat, I turn My face away from them, I can no longer bear to witness it; however, how could I not hear the sound of such weeping people? I want to correct the injustices of the human world. I will do My work personally throughout the entire world, forbidding Satan from harming My people again, forbidding the enemy from doing whatever they please again. I will become King on earth and move My throne there, making all the enemy fall to the ground and confess their crimes before Me. In My sadness mixed with anger, I will overcome the whole universe, sparing no one, and putting all of the enemy in awe. I want to reduce the earth to ruins, among which all the enemy will be, henceforth preventing them from further corrupting mankind."

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