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Almighty God's Word "God's Utterances to the Entire Universe (The Twenty-fourth Utterance)"

Readings of Almighty God’s Words
942 views Published on Mar 19, 2016

Almighty God says, "Each day I speak, and each day I do new things as well. If man does not draw upon all of his strength, then he will have difficulty hearing My voice, and will find it hard to see My face. The beloved may be fine, and His speech gentle, but man is incapable of easily beholding His glorious face and hearing His voice. Throughout the ages, no one has ever easily beheld My face. I once spoke to Peter and appeared to Paul, and no one else—with the exception of the Israelites—has ever truly seen My face. Today, I have personally come among man to live together with him. Does this really not feel rare and precious to you? Do you not wish to make the best use of your time? Do you want to let it pass you by in this way? … I merely persist in doing My work, detached from all else, and do not stop the flow of time because man is busy, or because of the sound of his cries. For several thousand years, no one has been able to divide My strength, and no one has been able to upset My original plan. I will transcend space, and span the ages, and embark upon the core of My entire plan both above and among all things."

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