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God's Promises | Gospel Music "Song of the Overcomers"

Hymn Videos 4773  Feb 20, 2018

View Feature Page: Do You Know God's Promises and Blessings to Overcomers?

God's Promises | Gospel Music "Song of the Overcomers"

God’s kingdom is expanding in humanity’s midst.

It is forming in humanity’s midst.

It is standing up in humanity’s midst.

There is not any force that can destroy God’s kingdom.

People in the kingdom of today,

which of you is not one of the human race,

or lies outside the human condition?

When God’s new starting point is announced to the multitude,

how will humanity react?

You’ve seen with your own eyes the state of mankind.

Do you still harbor hopes of enduring forever in this world?

God is now walking in the midst of His people.

He lives in the midst of His people.

Blessed are those who bear genuine love towards God today.

Blessed are those who submit to God.

They will surely stay in His kingdom.

Blessed are those who have knowledge of God.

They’ll surely wield power in His kingdom.

Blessed are those who seek after God.

They’ll surely escape from Satan’s bonds and enjoy blessing in God.

Blessed are those who can forsake themselves.

They will surely enter into God’s possession.

They will inherit the bounty in God’s kingdom.

God will commemorate those who run around for His sake.

God will joyfully embrace those who go to expense for His sake.

God will give enjoyment to those who make offering to Him.

God will bless those who find enjoyment in God’s words.

They’ll surely be the pillars that hold up the ridgepole in His kingdom.

They’ll surely have matchless bounty in His house,

and no one can compare with them.

Have you ever accepted the blessings that you were given?

Have you ever sought the promises of God that you were made?

You will surely, with the guidance of His light,

break through the stranglehold of the forces of darkness.

You’ll surely not, in the midst of darkness, lose the light guiding you.

You’ll surely be the master of all creation.

You’ll surely be an overcomer before Satan.

You will surely stand up amid the myriad throngs

to bear witness to His victory at the downfall of the great red dragon.

You will surely be strong and steady in the land of Sinim.

You’ll inherit the blessing that comes from God for the sufferings you endure,

and will surely illuminate all in the universe with His glory.

from The Word Appears in the Flesh