Do you wish to see God’s appearance and know God’s work?

Do you want to learn about the overcoming testimonies of God’s chosen people’s salvation? The solemn chorus in “The Collection of Songs and Dances” gives a witness that God incarnate ushers in the Age of Kingdom and expresses the truths to raise the curtains on the judgment before the great white throne in the last days, convey the Creator’s heart’s voice and His sincere feelings toward mankind, and testify that Almighty God is the unique God Himself…. The graceful and cheerful dance expresses the joy and lofty aspiration of God’s chosen people who are judged and chastised and are thus freed of their corrupt disposition, granted salvation, and living in God’s light. They are all praising Almighty God for His almightiness and wisdom in overcoming Satan and destroying all evil forces, and celebrating that God’s great work of saving man has been completed and Almighty God has come into His kingdom. … The choir videos of the Church of Almighty God will lead you to listen to God’s voice, know God’s appearance and work, and follow His footsteps.