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Christian Video "The Revelation of an Antichrist" (Skit) 2019 Christian Crosstalk "An Antichrist in the Church" | Be Careful! Don't Be Deceived by Pharisees Christian Crosstalk "There Is Only One God" | Is the Theory of Trinity in Line With the Lord's Word? 2019 Christian Video "God's New Name" | When the Lord Returns, Will He Still Be Called Jesus? (Skit) Christian Video "The True Cannot Be False" | How to Discern the True Christ and False Christs (Skit) 2019 Christian Video | "Look! That's a Modern Day Pharisee!" (English Skit) 2019 English Christian Video | "Believers in the Son Have Everlasting Life" (Crosstalk) 2019 Christian Crosstalk | "Who Are the Wise Virgins?" 2019 Christian Video "Have You Truly Repented?" 2019 Christian Skit "Can We Enter the Kingdom of Heaven If We Gain Salvation?" (English Dubbed) Christian Crosstalk "Going Outside the Bible" | Can We Gain Eternal Life by Keeping to the Bible? Christian Crosstalk "Last Days' Pharisees" | Who Blocks Christians From Welcoming Lord Jesus' Return 2019 Encouraging Gospel Song "All the Way in Your Company" | Thank You Lord for Leading Me 2019 Christian Skit | "Wishful Thinking" | Can We Enter the Kingdom of Heaven by Following Paul? English Christian Video "Electronic Eyes All Over the City" (2018 Crosstalk) English Christian Video "Community 'Scouts'" (2018 Short Sketch) 2018 Comedy Skit | Christian Video "The Pastor's 'Good' Intentions" Christian Video 2018 | "Surveillance" (Crosstalk) | The CCP Uses High Tech to Violate Human Rights English Christian Video "Pretenders" (Crosstalk) | Ripping Off Mask of China's "Religious Freedom" 2018 English Christian Video "School Interrogation" (Crosstalk) | Based on a True Story Christian Variety Show | Testimony of the Faith of a Christian "Escaping the Cage" (2018 Crosstalk) 2018 Comedy Skit "The Lord Is Knocking" | Welcome the Return of the Lord | Christian Variety Show Christian Variety Show "Eyes Everywhere" (2018 Crosstalk) Christian Skit "The Village Mayor's Limits" Who Has Made Christians Homeless (Based on True Story) Worship Song "God's Deeds Fill the Vast Expanse of the Universe" | Praise the Return of the Lord Praise and Worship Song "God's Love Circles My Heart" | Praise and Thank God for His Power of Love Bible Prophecy Has Come True | "How Exactly Does the Lord Come" (Crosstalk) | Christian Variety Show Christian Variety Show | "Gathering in a Cowshed" Skit | It's So Hard to Believe in God in China Christian Variety Show | "A Plan to Go 'Fishing'" (Crosstalk) True Story Behind Christians' Release Christian Variety Show "A Love No Net Can Catch" | Hold Onto Love for God in Persecution (Crosstalk) Christian Variety Show | "Police Plots" | English Short Skit Christian Crosstalk "Village Lockdown" | A Christian Adventure In Preaching Gospel (English Dubbed) English Christian Crosstalk | Where Is the Religious Freedom for the Chinese? "Prison Without Walls" English Christian Crosstalk "The Mystery of God's Name" Will the Lord Still Be Called Jesus When He Returns? English Christian Crosstalk "Between a Rock and a Hard Place" | Carry the Cross and Follow the Lord Christian Skit | "Watch Over This House" | Why Christians Are Treated Like This (English Dubbed) English Christian Crosstalk "Tracking Service" Tear off the False Mask of China's Religious Freedom English Christian Skit "Starving for Fear of Choking" Christian Skit | "My Father, the Pastor" | A Truth Debate on the Bible (English Dubbed) English Christian Skit | "The Stakeout" | Who Has Forced Christians to Leave Home and Live in Exile The Judgement of God Is the Grace of God | "The Most Wonderful Blessing" (A Real-Life Story) Christian Short Sketch "A Warning From History" (English Skit) English Christian Skit "We Must Be Dreaming!" | Can We Enter the Kingdom of Heaven Through Hard Work Christian Crosstalk "A Wrong Turn" | Heed the Voice of God and You Will Not Lose Your Way Christian Crosstalk "Waking Up" | The Lord Is Knocking on the Door—Come and Meet the Lord Praise and Worship Song "God's Love Brings Us Close Together" (Male Solo) Praise and Worship Song | Christians Love God Until Death | "Life's Testimony" Crosstalk "Our Pastor Said …" | Who Should We Listen to as We Believe in God? (English Dubbed) Christian Song | God Is Love | "Only the Creator Takes Pity on This Mankind" Christian Music | Worship God Forever | "The Sky Here Is So Blue" Short Sketch From the Christian Church | "The Police Pay a New Year Visit" (English Dubbed) A Narrated Reenactment of a Real-Life Story | "God's True Love" (English Dubbed) Christian Music | Praise and Worship | "All Things Live in the Rules and Laws Set Down by God"