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A Dramatized Narrative of a Real-Life Christian Story | "Advancing Along the Path of Loving God" Christian Stage Play 2021 "A Family on the Brink" | Based on a True Story (English Dubbed) Christian Song 2021 | "I Wish Only to Gain the Truth and Will No Longer Fall" 2021 Christian Video | "Do You Know About Eastern Lightning?" (Sketch) Christian Play "The Old Man and the Child" | Persecution and Hardship Strengthens Their Faith in God Gospel Song | "All Mankind Should Worship God" Praise Song | "The Greatest Blessing That God Bestows Upon Man" Christian Song | "God Makes Suitable Arrangements for Each Kind of Man" Christian Song | "God Is Seeking Your Heart and Your Spirit" Gospel Song | "Blessed Are Those Who Accept God’s New Work" Praise Song | "God’s Love for Mankind Is True and Real" Christian Song | "You Have Gained So Much Because of Faith" Praise Song | "God's Love and Essence Are Selfless" Christian Song | "What the Young Must Pursue" Gospel Song | "Only Those Who Have Been Cleansed Will Enter Into Rest" Praise Song | "God Has Given All His Love to Humanity" Praise Song | "God in the Flesh Quietly Works to Save Mankind" Christian Song | "Obey the Work of the Spirit to Follow to the End" Christian Song | "God Protects Those Who Love Him" Praise Song | "The Creator’s Sincere Feelings Toward Mankind" Praise Song | "God Creates a More Beautiful Tomorrow for Mankind" (A Cappella) Christian Song | "To Believe in God but Not Gain Life Leads to Punishment" Christian Song | "Do You Truly Understand God?" Christian Stage Play | "Farewell, My Innocent Campus" Christian Song | "Can God’s Name Be Determined by Created Beings?" Christian Song| "The Original Mankind Were Living Beings With a Spirit" 2020 English Christian Video | "Following the Footsteps of the Lamb" (Crosstalk) Christian Song | "The World Is Collapsing, the Kingdom Is Taking Shape" Christian Song | "God's Essence Is Full of Dignity" Christian Song | "God's Basis for Condemning People" Christian Video | "The Land Is a Prison" (Sketch) Gospel Song | "God Is the Ruler of the 6,000 Year Management Plan" Christian Song | "Living to Carry Out God's Will Is Most Meaningful" Christian Song | "For Man's Life, God Endures All Suffering" Gospel Song | "God Became Flesh to Defeat Satan and Save Man" Christian Song | "Those Who Cherish God's Word Are Blessed" Christian Song | "Suffering Fills the Days Without God" Gospel Song | "God's Flesh and the Spirit Are Identical in Essence" Christian Video | "Seek and You Shall Find" (Sketch) 2020 Gospel Song | "The Three Stages of Work Tell All About God's Management of Man" 2020 Christian Devotional Song | "The Path of Successful Faith in God" 2020 Praise Song | "The Countenance of the Kingdom's King Is Glorious Beyond Compare" 2020 Gospel Song | "God Will Restore the Meaning of His Creation of Man" Gospel Song | "Do You Dare Assert God's Name Can Never Change?" Gospel Song | "Pay Attention to the Fate of Mankind" 2020 Chinese Gospel Song | "Christ's Identity Is God Himself" Christian Drama | "Weathering the Storm" (English Dubbed) Christian Song | "How to Enter the Reality of God's Words" 2020 Chinese Gospel Song | "God Laments the Future of Mankind" 2019 Christian Video | "Have You Truly Repented?" (English Skit) Praise Song | "The Status and Identity of God Himself" Chinese Gospel Song | "Only God Has the Way of Life" 2020 English Christian Video | "Facing the Pandemic" (Crosstalk) Praise Song |"God Incarnate of the Last Days Perfects Man With Words" Christian Stage Play | "Crossroads" | Who Has Torn a Christian's Family Apart? Christian Song | "Follow God's Words and You Cannot Be Lost" Christian Crosstalk "Blessed Are They Who Believe Without Seeing" Christian Song | "God’s Love Is Not Possessed by Any Created Being" 2020 Praise Song | "All Things Are in God’s Hand" Christian Song | "Time Lost Will Never Come Again" Praise Song | "The Embodiment of God's Life Force" "God Judges and Perfects Man With His Words in the Last Days" | 2020 Chinese Gospel Song Praise Song | "No Man Can Do God's Work in His Stead" 2020 Gospel Song | "All Is Achieved Through God's Word" 2020 Christian Devotional Song | "All Problems Can Be Solved by Pursuing the Truth" 2020 Christian Song | "Is God As Simple As You Say?" 2020 Christian Song | "Man's Rebellion Arouses the Wrath of God" 2020 Chinese Gospel Song | "God's Glory Shines From the East" "The Consequences of Mankind Losing God's Guidance" | 2020 Chinese Christian Song Chinese Gospel Song "The Incarnate God Is Most Lovable" Chinese Gospel Song "In the Age of Kingdom God Perfects Man by Words" 2020 Christian Crosstalk | "Have You Really Repented?" "God Decides Man's End Based on Whether They Possess the Truth" | 2020 Chinese Christian Song "Almighty God Has Been Seated on the Glorious Throne" | Praise Hymn With Lyrics "The Day of God's Punishment of Man Is at Hand" | 2020 Chinese Christian Song "God's Only Wish on Earth" | 2020 Chinese Christian Song "The Significance of the Appearance of God" | Chinese Gospel Song "Offering the Most Precious Sacrifice to God" | Chinese Christian Song "You Should Forsake All for the Truth" | 2020 Chinese Christian Song Chinese Christian Song | "All Creation Must Come Under God's Dominion" "Forsakers of Christ of the Last Days Will Be Punished Forever" | Chinese Gospel Song "The Existence of All Mankind Rests on God" | Chinese Gospel Song "The Creator's Sincere Feelings Toward Mankind" | Praise Hymn With Lyrics "God's Humbleness Is So Lovable" | 2020 Praise Song With Lyrics "God's Words Are the Forever Unchanging Truth" | 2020 Chinese Worship Song "Know God Through His Sovereignty Over All Things" | 2020 Chinese Worship Song "The Great Red Dragon Collapses as God's People Grow" | Chinese Gospel Song "Man Must Worship God for a Good Destiny" | Chinese Gospel Song "The Resolve Necessary to Pursue the Truth" | 2020 Chinese Christian Song New 2020 Chinese Christian Song "God's Judgment on All Nations and Peoples" "The Significance of God's Managing Mankind" | 2020 Chinese Christian Song "God Quietly Arrives Among Us" | Chinese Christian Song "Time" | New Chinese Christian Song "No One Is Aware of God's Arrival" | Chinese Christian Song "Oh God! I Truly Don't Deserve Your Love" | Chinese Christian Song "Only God Loves Man Most" | Spanish Christian Song Christian Dance | "The Rocky Road of the Gospel" | True Story of Christians Preaching in China 2020 English Christian Video | "Judgment of the Last Days" (Crosstalk) Christian Video | "We Have Welcomed the Lord's Return" (Crosstalk) Short Christian Play "Following Close By" | Story of Christians Standing Witness Through Persecution Christian Video "The Revelation of an Antichrist" | Beware of the Pharisees in the Last Days (Skit) 2019 Christian Video "God's New Name" | When the Lord Returns, Will He Still Be Called Jesus? (Skit) 2019 Praise Hymn | "Everything God Does for Man Is Sincere" 2019 Praise Song | "We Are Fortunate to Meet With God's Coming" Christian Crosstalk "An Antichrist in the Church"| Be Careful! Don't Be Deceived by Modern Pharisees Christian Crosstalk "There Is Only One God" | Is the Theory of Trinity in Line With the Lord's Word? Christian Video "The True Cannot Be False" | How to Discern the True Christ and False Christs (Skit) 2019 Christian Video | "Look! That's a Modern Day Pharisee!" (English Skit) 2019 English Christian Video | "Believers in the Son Have Everlasting Life" (Crosstalk) 2019 Christian Crosstalk | "Who Are the Wise Virgins?" 2019 Christian Skit "Can We Enter the Kingdom of Heaven If We Gain Salvation?" (English Dubbed) Christian Crosstalk "Going Outside the Bible" | Can We Gain Eternal Life by Keeping to the Bible? Christian Crosstalk "Last Days' Pharisees" | Who Blocks Christians From Welcoming Lord Jesus' Return 2019 Encouraging Gospel Song "All the Way in Your Company" | Thank You Lord for Leading Me 2019 Christian Skit | "Wishful Thinking" | Can We Enter the Kingdom of Heaven by Following Paul? English Christian Video "Electronic Eyes All Over the City" (2018 Crosstalk) English Christian Video "Community 'Scouts'" (2018 Short Sketch) Christian Show | "The Pastor's 'Good' Intentions" (Skit) Christian Video 2018 | "Surveillance" (Crosstalk) | The CCP Uses High Tech to Violate Human Rights English Christian Video "Pretenders" (Crosstalk) | Ripping Off Mask of China's "Religious Freedom" Christian Show | Testimony of the Faith of a Christian | "Escaping the Cage" (2018 Crosstalk) 2018 Comedy Skit "The Lord Is Knocking" | Welcome the Return of the Lord | Christian Variety Show Christian Show "Eyes Everywhere" (2018 Crosstalk) Christian Skit "The Village Mayor's Limits"| Who Has Made Christians Homeless? (Based on True Story) Worship Song "God's Deeds Fill the Vast Expanse of the Universe" | Praise the Return of the Lord Praise Song "God's Love Circles My Heart" | Praise and Thank God for His Power of Love Prophecies of the Lord Jesus' Return Have Come True | "How Exactly Does the Lord Come" (Crosstalk) Christian Show | "Gathering in a Cowshed" (Skit) Christian Crosstalk "A Plan to Go 'Fishing'" | Despicable Means of CCP Oppressing Christians Christian Crosstalk "A Love No Net Can Catch" | Hold Onto Love for God in Persecution Christian Show | "Police Plots" | English Short Skit Christian Crosstalk "Village Lockdown" | A Christian Adventure In Preaching Gospel (English Dubbed) English Christian Crosstalk | "Prison Without Walls" English Christian Crosstalk "The Mystery of God's Name" Will the Lord Still Be Called Jesus When He Returns? English Christian Crosstalk "Between a Rock and a Hard Place" | Carry the Cross and Follow the Lord Christian Skit | "Watch Over This House" Christian Crosstalk "Tracking Service" | Tearing off the False Mask of China's "Religious Freedom" English Christian Skit "Starving for Fear of Choking" Christian Skit | "My Father, the Pastor" | A Truth Debate on the Bible (English Dubbed) English Christian Skit | "The Stakeout" | Who Has Forced Christians to Leave Home and Live in Exile? The Judgement of God Is the Grace of God | "The Most Wonderful Blessing" (A Real-Life Story) Christian Short Sketch "A Warning From History" (English Skit) English Christian Skit "We Must Be Dreaming!" | Can We Enter the Kingdom of Heaven Through Hard Work Christian Crosstalk "A Wrong Turn" | Heed the Voice of God and You Will Not Lose Your Way Christian Crosstalk "Waking Up" | The Lord Is Knocking on the Door—Come and Meet the Lord Praise Song "God's Love Brings Us Close Together" (Male Solo) Christian Song | Christians Love God Until Death | "Life's Testimony" Crosstalk "Our Pastor Said …" | Who Should We Listen to as We Believe in God? (English Dubbed) Christian Song | God Is Love | "Only the Creator Takes Pity on This Mankind" Christian Music | Worship God Forever | "The Sky Here Is So Blue" Short Sketch From the Christian Church | "The Police Pay a New Year Visit" (English Dubbed) A Narrated Reenactment of a Real-Life Story | "God's True Love" (English Dubbed) Christian Music | Praise and Worship | "All Things Live in the Rules and Laws Set Down by God"