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2019 Christian Music Video | Korean Song "A Heart-to-Heart With God" 2019 Christian Music Video "Song of Sweet Love" | Praise and Thank God for His Love "God's Love for Man Is Most Genuine" - Theme Song From the Christian Movie "A Mother's Love" 2019 Christian Music Video | Korean Song "Praise the New Life" | So Happy to Enjoy the Love of God Kids Dance | Worship Song "Such Joy in Church Life" | Hallelujah! Praise and Thank God 2019 Christian Music Video | "I Have Seen God's Love" | Praise and Worship Song 2019 Hymn About God's Word | "God Incarnate of the Last Days Mainly Does the Work of Words" Praise and Worship Song "All Creation Must Come Under God’s Dominion" | How Great Is Our God Best Contemporary Christian Song "Only Honest People Have a Human Likeness" | Thank God's Love and Salvation 2019 Christian Music Video "I'm Willing to Submit to God's Work" | Thank God's Love | Korean Song Kids Dance | Christian Song "The Son of Man Has Appeared" | The Lord Jesus Has Returned to the World Kids Dance Christian Song "Those Who Sincerely Love God Are All Honest People" God Loves the Honest 2019 Christian Praise and Worship Song "God's People of All Nations Express Their Feelings as One" | Thank God's Love Christian Song "Blessed Are Those Who Accept God’s New Work" | Follow the Work of the Holy Spirit Best Christian Music Video | Walk in the Love of God | "Attachment to God" (Korean Worship Song) Best Christian Music Video | So Happy to Live in the Love of God | "Christ's Kingdom Is a Warm Home" Christian Praise and Worship Song "Thanks and Praise to Almighty God" | Live in the Light of God Kids Dance Christian Song "Those Who Sincerely Love God Are All Honest People" | New Life of Kingdom Gospel Music Video | Long for the Love of God Forever | "My Beloved, Please Wait for Me" (Korean) Christian Music Video | Feel the Love of God | "When You Open Your Heart to God" 2018 Popular Worship Song | "Come Before God Often" The Latest Message From God | Gospel Music Video 2018 "Two Thousand Years of Longing" 2018 Christian Music Video | "The True Love of God" (Korean Song English Subtitles) Christian Music Video "Where Is My Home" | The Church of Almighty God Loving God and Living For God | Best Christian Music Video | "Our Life Is Not in Vain" (A Cappella) Christian Devotional Song | Live in the Light | "The Prayer of God’s People" Worship God in Spirit and in Truth "It's Such a Joy to Be an Honest Person" (Christian Music Video) Praise God With a Heart of Love for Him | "Offering a Sincere Heart Up to God" Gospel Music Video Lead Me Lord | Jesus Christ, You Are My Life | "All the Way in Your Company" | Christian Music Video Best Religious Song "The True Love of God" | God Is Great Christian Testimony | God Gave Me a New Life | "If I Were Not Saved by God" (Short Film/Music Video) Praise and Worship Song | "The Heart's Voice of a Created Being" | Christian Music Video Worship God in Spirit and in Truth | A Cappella "The Result Achieved by Knowing God" | Gospel Music Christians Worship and Praise the Lord | "Almighty God, You Are So Glorious" (Christian Music Video) Bless the Lord | Christian Music Video "Offer Love to God" | The Most Beautiful Blessings Love God Without Regrets | Praise Song | "Follow God Along the Rough Path" (Christian Music Video) "Our Church Life Is So Lovely" (Official Music Video) Endless Praise | A Cappella | Best Christian Music Video "Praise the Accomplishment of God's Work" Sing and Dance Happily to Praise God | "All Nations and All Peoples Praise Almighty God" (MV) Love God With All My Heart | Christian Music "I Will Love God to Eternity" | Walk in the Love of God Almighty God Uses His Word to Save Man - "The Main Purpose of God's Work in the Flesh" (Music Video) Be Full of Love for God | A Cappella "Praise the New Life" (The Best Christian Music Video) Be Full of Faith in God | Christian Music Video "Marching on the Path of Loving God" | God Is My Rock God's Love Conquers Man’s Heart | Christian Music Video "Song of Heartfelt Attachment" Christian Music Video | Praise the Lord | "God's True Love" (A Cappella) Start a New Life | God Is My Life and Power | "I Have Seen God's Loveliness" (Christian Music Video) Offer a Song of Praise to God | A Cappella | Gospel Music "Love the Practical God With All Our Heart" Love God | Be Faithful to the End "I Wish to See the Day God Gains Glory" (Christian Music Video) Love God All My Life | Christian Music Video | "My Beloved, Please Wait for Me" | God Is Great Welcome the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus | "O God, You Know I'm Missing You" (Christian Music Video) Power of God | Live for God "For Whom Man Should Live" Find the Meaning of Life | Gospel Music Video New Life in the Kingdom | Christian Music Video "Right Here, Right Now, We Get Together" Seek the Bright Life | God Will Take Care of You "I'm Resolved to Follow God" (Christian Music) Faith in God | Hymn of Praise "I'm Willing to Perform My Duty Faithfully" (Christian Music Video) Power of God | God Is Good | Christian Music Video "If I Were Not Saved by God" | The Love of God The Voice of Salvation | Guitar Playing "God Treasures One Who Can Listen to His Word and Obey Him"