Gaining Blessing Through Misfortune Faith Perfected Through Trials and Tribulations A Battle Against Brainwashing The Hardship of Prison Brutal Torture Strengthened My Faith Day After Day in a CCP Prison A Time of Brutal Torture Unbreakable Faith Interrogation Room Torture Sufferings Are God’s Blessings Spending the Prime of Youth in Prison Blessings Brought From Illness Lessons Learned From Getting Liver Cancer The Harvest Reaped Through Illness Through Illness My Motive for Blessings Was Revealed Learning to Submit Through Hardship A Hypocrite’s Repentance The Harm Done by Showing Off A Show-off No More Reaping a Harvest From Being Pruned and Dealt With How I Changed My Arrogant Self A Human Likeness Is Attainable by Resolving Arrogance God Is So Righteous The Fruit of an Honest Report Exposing a False Leader: A Personal Struggle How to Resolve Selfishness I’ve Seen the Truth of Being a People Pleaser What Lies Behind a “Good Image” A Wonderful Way to Live Practice the Truth to Live Out a Human Likeness Can People Pleasers Gain God’s Salvation? Can People Pleasers Win God’s Praise? I Finally See the Truth About Myself Breathing Easy Without Jealousy Replacing Jealousy With Magnanimity Living Out a Human Likeness at Last Finding Freedom From Status God’s Words Have Shaken My Spirit Awake Letting Go of Status Wasn’t Easy I’ve Finally Learned How to Fulfill My Duty Practicing the Truth Is the Key to Harmonious Coordination A Taste of Being an Honest Person The Fight to Be an Honest Person Only Honesty Brings Human Likeness The Only Way to Live Like a Real Person Faith Means Relying on God Knowing God’s Authority and Sovereignty in Life The Awakening of a Money Slave Fame and Fortune Have Brought Me Suffering It Feels So Good to Take Off My Disguise A Human Likeness Is Attainable by Resolving Arrogance Knowing God’s Authority and Sovereignty in Life I’ve Finally Learned How to Fulfill My Duty I Finally See the Truth About Myself Learning Through Cooperation An Actor’s Transformation The Fight to Be an Honest Person To Report or Not to Report I Finally Understand What It Means to Fulfill My Duty Amid the Trial of Death God’s Salvation Getting Back on the Right Track Living Out a Bit of Human Likeness Sure Is Great Breaking Free From the Shackles of Bondage Loosening the Ties That Bind A Spiritual Battle Liberated From Fame and Fortune Sticking to My Duty Farewell, People-Pleaser! The Fetters of Fame and Gain Days of Seeking Fame and Gain In Letting Go of Selfishness, I Am Liberated An Ordeal of Illness After the Lies Arrogance Goes Before a Fall Who Says an Arrogant Disposition Cannot Be Changed? Rising Up in the Face of Failure The Truth Has Shown Me the Way A Cure for Jealousy My Spirit Liberated An Officer’s Repentance The Rewards of Fulfilling One’s Duty Living Before God How to Look at Your Duty How One Should Regard One’s Duty Giving My Heart to God The Heart’s Deliverance Harmed by My Misunderstandings and Guardedness A Poor Caliber Is No Excuse I’ve Learned How to Treat People Properly The Trial of the Descendants of Moab The Trial of a Foil I Am Fortunate to Do Service for God The Hostility in His Heart Is No Longer Growing Christian Diaries: Falling into Temptation and Finding Victory Through God Diary of a Christian: Learning the Lesson of Obedience How God’s Words Helped Her Overcome the Temptation of Losing Her Wealth There Is Nothing God Cannot Do (Part 1) There Is Nothing God Cannot Do (Part 2) Seeing God’s Hand in the Hardships of Selling and Buying a Home A Letter From a Recovered Cancer Patient to Her Sister A Christian’s Diary: The Misunderstanding Between My Mother and Me Has Finally Been Resolved In Your Experience, How Much Practical Understanding Do You Have of God’s Salvation? Christian Life: How to Appropriately Deal With Other People? The Fruits of Obeying God What Does It Mean to Have Humanity? A True Partnership