170 Principles of Practicing the Truth

This book lists the one hundred and seventy principles of practicing the truth, and touches upon various aspects of putting the truth into practice when believing in God. These are very beneficial for the life entry of God’s chosen ones. For every person who believes in God, if you want Him to approve of you, you must become able to “bring peace of mind to God and satisfy Him in all things. You must, in other words, be principled in your actions and conform to the truth in them.” Only this is the standard of being saved and perfected in your belief in God.

Table of Contents


I. On the Principles of Believing in God

II. On the Principles of Knowing Oneself

III. On the Principles of Church Life

IV. On the Principles of Performing One’s Duty

V. The Principles of Identifying Each Sort of Person, Event, and Thing

VI. The Principles of Living Out Normal Humanity

VII. The Principles of Treating Others Fairly

VIII. The Principles of How to Treat Each Sort of Person, Event, and Thing

IX. The Principles of Obeying and Knowing God