Kingdom Anthem (II) God Is Come, God Is King

In this beautiful moment,at this exhilarating time,above and below the heavens,all are singing,singing praises.At this,who is not excited? At this,who does not rejoice? Facing this,who does not shed tears? Heaven,no more the heaven of old,is the heaven of the kingdom.Earth,no more the former earth,is a place of sanctity.After a mighty rain,the foul old world is completely changed.II Mountains and waters are changing.Man is changing too.All creation is changing.Oh,silent mountains,rise up and dance for God!Oh,stagnant waters,flow on!Oh,dreaming mankind,get up and give chase!God is come,God is King.See God's face with their own eyes,hear God's voice with their own ears,and live for themselves the life of the kingdom.How wonderful,how sweet it is!Unforgettable.In the burning wrath of God,the great red dragon writhes.In God's majestic judgment,the devil's true face is shown.Under God's stern words,man deeply feels his shame,knows not where to hide.Thinks back on how he sneered and gibed at God,flaunting himself all the time,disobeying God at every moment.Look now again today,who does not shed tears? Who fails to blame himself? Throughout the whole universe,all are filled with tears,filled with sounds of joy,filled with laughing words.Boundless ecstasy.A light rain falls,pattering; flurries of heavy snow.Clouds go racing in the sky above.The oceans of the earth toss and heave.Man is overcome with sorrow and joy.Some laugh in delight,and some shed tears,some shout happily.Everyone seems to have forgotten.Is it a drizzly spring day? Or a blossoming summer's day? Or a day of rich harvest in the fall? Or a cold and icy winter day? No one can tell.The sons of God dance for joy.The people of God jump for joy.The angels are at their work.They are shepherding.Men on the earth are working busily,and all earth's creatures multiply.Heaven,no more the heaven of old,is the heaven of the kingdom.Earth,no more the former earth,is a place of s……

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