Massimo Introvigne: The Church of Almighty God Is a Typical Victim of Black Propaganda and Fake News

Professor Massimo Introvigne, the founder and director of Center for Studies on New Religions and the chairman of Italy’s Observatory of Religious Liberty, spoke at the international conference on Religious Persecution and the Human Rights of Refugees held in Seoul, South Korea on October 23, 2017. He said that the Christians in The Church of Almighty God have been subjected to clear and flagrant religious persecution, and even torture. However, their status as refugees has not been recognized by civilized countries such as South Korea, and one of the critical reasons for that is that the black propaganda and fake news from the Chinese Communist Party and some Christian groups regarding The Church of Almighty God have had a negative impact. The Church of Almighty God is a typical victim of this kind of black propaganda and fake news. Professor Introvigne called on human rights organizations, the press, as well as experts and scholars on emerging religious movements and in the humanitarian realm to work to reveal the truth.

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