How to Know the End-Time Christ’s Appearance and Work

Verse 1 God’s incarnation shall embody God’s substance and expression.And when He’s made flesh He’ll bring forth the work He’s been given to express what He is,bring truth to all men,give them life and show them the way.Any flesh that doesn’t embed His substance surely is not God incarnate.Verse 2 Confirm God’s flesh and the true way by His disposition,words and works.Focus on His substance instead of His appearance.It is ignorant and naive to focus on God’s external appearance.The outward doesn’t determine the inward,and God’s work does not conform to man’s conceptions.Bridge Didn’t Jesus’ appearance differ from what the people expected? Didn’t His image and dress disguise His identity? Wasn’t that why the Pharisees opposed Him? They focused on how He looked and paid no attention to what He said.Verse 3 God hopes the brothers and sisters seeking His appearance won’t repeat history.Don’t follow the Pharisees and nail God to the cross once more.So carefully consider how you will welcome His return.Have a clear idea of how you’ll submit to truth.It’s the duty of everyone who’s waiting for Jesus’ return.from Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs

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