Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs (English)

When we sing new songs in praise of God, we are able to experience that we are the group of people following the Lamb and singing new songs prophesied in the Book of Revelation. We genuinely experience that we are truly so blessed to have been caught up to God’s throne and attended the marriage feast of the Lamb.”  Read More ›


1Kingdom Anthem (I) The Kingdom Has Descended on the World
1-2The Kingdom Anthem (I) The Kingdom Has Descended on the World
1-3The Kingdom Anthem (II) God Is Come, God Is King
2Come to Zion With Praising
3Almighty God Has Been Seated on the Glorious Throne
4The Holy Spiritual Body of Almighty God Has Appeared
5Almighty God, the Glorious True God
6-1Our God Reigns as King
6-2Our God Reigns as King
7The Seven Thunders Roll
8God’s Kingdom Has Appeared on Earth
9God Has Returned With Victory
10God Has Returned Victorious
11How God Rules Over All Things
13Only If Mankind Worships the True God Can They Have a Good Fate
15The Sorrow of Corrupt Mankind
16The Sighing of the Almighty
17God Laments the Future of Mankind
19Let’s All Pay Attention to the Fate of Mankind
20God Is Seeking Your Heart and Your Spirit
21The Purpose of God’s Management Work
22The Significance of God’s Managing Mankind
23None Can Do God’s Work in His Stead
24God Will Restore the Meaning of His Creation of Man
25The Purpose of God’s Management Work Is to Save Mankind
26God Will Restore the Former State of Creation
27The Movement of God’s Work in the Universe
28God Has Brought His Glory to the East
29God Has Appeared in the East of the World With Glory
30The Significance of the Appearance of God
31The Significance of God’s Name
32God’s Name Will Be Magnified Among the Gentile Nations
33The Incarnate God Leads Mankind Into a New Era
34In the Last Days God’s Word Shows His Almightiness
35In the Age of Kingdom, the Word Accomplishes Everything
36In the Last Days God Accomplishes All Chiefly Through the Word
38In the Last Days God Uses Words to Make Man Perfect
40Much of God’s Work Is Achieved Through the Word
42God Thoroughly Saves Mankind Through Judgment and Chastisement
43The Effect God’s Judgment Can Achieve
44The Work of Judgment in the Last Days Is to End the Age
45The Truth Behind God’s Work in the Age of Kingdom
47God’s Open Administration Throughout the Universe
48-1God Descends With Judgment
48-2God Descends With Judgment
49Fallen Is Babylon the Great
50The Work of God Continues to Advance
52Those Who Accept the New Work Are Blessed
53How to Search for God’s Footprints
55No One Is Aware of God’s Arrival
56He Is Our God
57The Essentiality of God’s Incarnation
58Corrupted Mankind Needs the Work of God Incarnate
59Only by Working in the Flesh Can God Gain Mankind
60The Incarnate God Is Very Important to Mankind
62The Main Purpose of God’s Work in the Flesh
63God in the Flesh Does the Work of Conquering All Mankind
64God Is Incarnated Just to Defeat Satan and Save All Mankind
65God Becomes Flesh to Save Mankind
66Only If God Becomes Flesh in the Last Days Can He Save Mankind
67Only God Incarnate Can Thoroughly Save Mankind
70The Authority and Power God Displays When Incarnated in the Flesh
71Two Thousand Years of Longing
72Christ of the Last Days Has Brought the Age of Kingdom
73He Who Is God’s Incarnation Shall Hold the Expression of God
74In the True Way There Is the Expression of the Truth
75To Gain Eternal Life, You Must Know the Source of It
76Only God Has the Way of Life
77Christ of the Last Days Brings the Way of Eternal Life
79Christ’s Substance Is Determined by His Work and Expressions
80He Who Is God’s Incarnation Must Have the Substance of God
83God Is in Heaven and Also on Earth
84God’s Deeds Fill the Vast Expanse of the Universe
85God’s Words Are the Forever Unchanging Truth
86Truth Is the Highest of All Life’s Aphorisms
87True Meaning of Faith in God
88True Prayer
89The Significance of Prayer
90Be Quiet Before God
91Are You Aware of Your Mission
92To Bear Witness for God Is Man’s Duty
94The Words God Bestows on Men Are the Ways They Should Keep
96Only by Fearing God Can Evil Be Shunned
98God Treasures Those Who Can Listen to and Obey Him
100Whether Big or Small, Everything Matters When Following God’s Way
101Find the Right Cure for Your Disease
102Who Has Known the God in the Flesh
103Only When God Becomes Flesh Can Man Be His Confidant
104Only by Knowing the Actual Deeds of God Can You Know God
105Do You Wish to Know the Root of Why the Pharisees Opposed Jesus?
106Not Knowing Christ’s Divine Substance Is the Root of Man’s Resistance to God
107Notions and Imagination Will Never Help You Know God
109No Power Can Stand in the Way of What God Wishes to Achieve
110God’s Work in the Last Days Makes a Group of Overcomers
111None Can Hinder God’s Work
112God Has Made a Group of Overcomers in China
113Living for God Has the Most Value
115He Who Has True Faith Receives God’s Blessings
117Song of the Overcomers
120Blessed Are Those Who Love God
121God Has Indeed Come Among Men
123The Symbol of God’s Disposition
124God’s Disposition Is Lofty and Grand
125God Is Abundantly Merciful and Profoundly Wrathful
126God’s Righteous Disposition Is Unique
127God’s Disposition Is Vivid and Holy
128The Final Result That God’s Work Aims to Achieve
129God Guides Mankind With His Life and His Essence
130God’s Will Has Been Open to Everyone
131God Hopes to Gain Man’s True Faith and Love for Him
133God Puts His Hope Completely on Man
134Offering the Most Precious Sacrifice to God
135The Result Achieved by Knowing God
136God’s Substance and Disposition Have Always Been Open to Mankind
139How Important God’s Love for Man Is
141God Hopes That Mankind Can Continue to Live
143Only the Creator Takes Pity on This Mankind
145God’s Perfect Care Over All
146God Treats Man as His Dearest One
147The Incarnate God Has Greater Concern for His Followers
148God Incarnate Comes to the World to Save Man
150God’s Love and Essence Has Always Been Selfless
151God’s Love Is Not Possessed by Any Created Being
153All Things Are in God’s Hand
155No One Can Fathom God’s Authority and Power
157The True Embodiment of the Creator’s Authority
158All Things Exist Under the Authority of the Creator
160All Creation of God Must Come Under His Dominion
162The Mankind Living Under God’s Authority
164God’s Authority Is Unique
165The Creator’s Authority Never Changes
166The Perfect Manifestation of the Authority of the Creator
167The Original Mankind Were Living Beings With Spirits
168A River of Water of Life
170Humanity’s Only Path to Enter Into Rest
172The Crystallization of God’s Management Comes From All Nations of the World
173The Symbols of God’s Victory
174All People Live In God’s Light
175God’s Kingdom Is Established Among Men
176The Countenance of the Kingdom’s King Is Glorious Beyond Compare
178The Greatest Blessing That God Bestows Upon Man
180Humanity and God Share in the Bliss of Union
184The Incarnate God Is Very Important to Mankind
185Christ Expresses All the Spirit Is
188God Himself Is the Truth and the Life
189The Significance of the Incarnation
190God’s Flesh and the Spirit Are Identical in Essence
192The Substance of Christ Is God
197The Actual Meaning of “The Word Appears in the Flesh”
202God Judges and Perfects Man With His Words in the Last Days
204God’s Word Is Authority and Judgment
207Forsakers of Christ of the Last Days Will Be Punished Forever
208God Quietly Arrives Among Us
209Do You Follow God’s Current Work?
210Mankind Has Ceased to Be What God Wants
211The Truth of the Aftermath of Man’s Corruption by Satan
213Give Up Religious Notions to Be Perfected by God
214Blessed Are Those Who Accept God’s New Work
217Obey God Become Flesh to Be Made Perfect
219He Is the Truth, the Way and the Life
220How to Search for God’s Footprints
224Obey the Work of the Spirit to Follow to the End
225It’s Important to Have a Normal Relationship With God
226Only Those Who Are Quiet Before God Focus on Life
227How to Enter Into True Prayer
228Practicing God’s Words and Satisfying God Come First
229Rise Up, Cooperate With God
230Time Lost Will Never Come Again
231Living to Carry Out God’s Will Is Most Meaningful
232What the Young Must Pursue
233Bear More Burden to Be More Easily Perfected by God
234God’s Advice to Man
235You Should Accept God’s Observation in All You Do
236God Blesses Those Who Are Honest
237God Long Ago Prepared Everything for Mankind
238God’s Focus Is Man’s Heart
239Witnesses for God Must Have a Change in Disposition
240Only by Living Out Reality Can You Bear Witness
243People Don’t Approach God’s Words With Their Hearts
245None Care to Actively Understand God
246No One Understands God’s Will
247The True Meaning of God’s Words Has Never Been Understood
249Is This Your Faith?
250Nothing People Say or Do Escapes God’s Watch
251God’s Warning to Man
252Those Unrepentant People Who Are Trapped in Sin Are Beyond Salvation
254Those Who Don’t Practice God’s Words Will Be Eliminated
255The Consequences of Evading Judgment
256God Perfects Those With the Work of the Holy Spirit
258The Necessary Path to Fearing God and Shunning Evil
259How to Be Perfected
261Refinement Is the Best Means for God to Perfect Man
262People’s Love Becomes Pure Only Through the Suffering of Refinement
263God Tries and Refines Man to Perfect Him
264Great Are the Gains From Belief in the Practical God
265God’s Judgment Is Love
266You Must Treasure the Blessings of Today
267You Have Gained So Much Because of Faith
268Success or Failure Depends on Man’s Pursuit
270Hold Firm to What Man Must Do
272Seek to Love God No Matter How Great Your Suffering
273Pure Love Without Blemish
274You Should Seek to Have True Love for God
275The Great Significance of God Choosing These People
276You Are Those Who Will Receive the Inheritance of God
277God Eagerly Wants Those Who Can Carry Out His Will
278Are You Willing to Be Someone Who Bears Witness for God?
279Job’s Attitude Toward God’s Blessings
280Peter’s Expressions of Love for God
281The Most Meaningful Life
282Emulate Peter’s Experience
285God’s Love Must Be Tasted in Real Life
286God’s Reminder to Man
288What Are All Man’s Intentions For?
291God’s Exaltation of Moab’s Descendants
293Those in Darkness Should Rise Up
294God’s Will for Mankind Will Never Change
295God Suffers Greatly to Save Man
296God’s Hopes for Mankind Have Not Changed
297How Hard God’s Work Is
298How Could God Not Be Sad?
299God’s Intention of Saving Man Will Not Change
300Since God Saves Man, He Will Save Them Completely
301All the Work God Does Is for Man
302God’s Pity on Mankind
303God’s Realness and Loveliness
304God’s Message
305Only the Creator Takes Pity on This Mankind
306God’s Essence Truly Exists
312God Decides People’s End According to Their Substance
314God’s Authority Is Everywhere
315The Transcendence and Greatness of the Almighty
320Different Resting Places for God and Man
322Only Those Who Have Been Cleansed Will Enter Into Rest
329God Has Revealed His Entire Disposition to Man
338God Has Gained Glory Among All Creations
344God in the Flesh Is a Living Fountain of Life
345God’s Incarnation Is Mainly to Express His Word
348God’s Two Incarnations Are for Man’s Salvation
350The Significance of God’s Two Incarnations
351The Work of the Flesh and the Spirit Are of the Same Substance
352The Authority and Significance of God’s Incarnation
353Man Can Better Understand God Through God Incarnate
354God Incarnate Is of the Utmost Importance to You
358The Incarnate Son of Man Is God Himself
364The Work to Manage Man Is the Work to Defeat Satan
366God Does New Work in Every Age
373The Last Days’ Work Is Mainly to Give Man Life
374God Incarnate Does the Most Crucial Work of Saving Man
375The Three Stages of Work Are Done by One God
376God’s Disposition Is Gradually Revealed to Man in the Age of Kingdom
377God Incarnate in the Last Days Ends God’s Management
385Judgment by the Word Better Represents God’s Authority
389The Inner Meaning of the Work of Conquest
390God Judges and Cleanses Man With Words in the Last Days
393The Substance of the Work of Conquest
394The Significance of God’s Work on Moab’s Descendants
395The Main Goal of God’s Work of Conquest
397God’s Management Forges Ever Onward
400Only Those Who Yearn to Seek the Truth Will See God
409Who Is Capable of Knowing God When He Comes?
410All the Kingdom Rejoices
412God Is Seeking Those Who Thirst for His Appearance
417Today’s Truth Is Given to Those Who Yearn and Seek It
427Those Who Don’t Accept the Truth Aren’t Fit for Salvation
431How Will You Meet the Return of Jesus?
442God’s Only Wish on Earth
460We Have Entered Onto the Right Path of Life
461God Has Predestined the Paths We Must Walk
465God Is Leading People Onto the Right Track of Life
467Have a Normal Relationship With God to Be Perfected
469You Should Take Care to Quieten Your Heart Before God
471Speak Your Heart in Prayer to Have the Holy Spirit’s Work
472Practice of Being Quiet Before God
473The Fruits of Quieting Your Heart Before God
474When You Give Your Heart to God
475God Rewards Twice Over Those Who Cooperate With Him
476The Way to Quieten Your Heart Before God
479The Likeness of Those Used by God
480When You Open Your Heart to God
483The Top Priority of Faith in God
487A Proper Spiritual Life Must Always Be Upheld
488Listen Carefully to God’s Words
498The Principle of the Holy Spirit’s Work
508God’s Words Are the Way Man Should Keep
511How to Enter the Reality of God’s Words
512The Path of Practice to Seek the Truth
514Do You Truly Understand God’s Will?
515God Will Enlighten and Illuminate Those Who Seek the Truth
523Suffering for Practicing the Truth Is Most Meaningful
527The Pain of Trials Is a Blessing From God
532Awaken Soon, You Who Are Smart
533The Responsibilities of True Believers
570Man Has No True Faith in Christ
575None Can Fathom the Origin of God’s Words
578Too Few People Are Compatible With God
583The People Living in Such a Filthy Land
605God Hopes That Man Can Be Sincere Toward His Words
614The Three Admonishments of God to Man
616Who Is Compatible With God?
644God’s Only Wish Is for Man to Listen and Obey
651You Should Pursue Positive Progress
652God Only Perfects Those Who Truly Love Him
655God Has Resolved to Complete This Group of People
672With Refinement Comes Faith
679What God Wants in Trials Is Man’s True Heart
683Only Through Painful Trials Can You Know God’s Loveliness
684The Path of Belief in God Is the Path of Loving Him
705The Judgment of God’s Word Is to Save Man
717God’s Chastisement and Judgment Is the Light of Man’s Salvation
721God Experiences Humanity’s Hardships
739How to Qualify to Be Used by God
745What God Thinks of Man’s Deeds
757How to Live Out an Obedient Life
772The Resolve That the Descendants of Moab Should Have
777God Decides Man’s End Based on Whether They Possess the Truth
782The Purpose Behind God’s Incarnation in the Last Days
784God’s Final Requirement of Man
790Overcomers Are Those Who Bear Resounding Witness for God
808Be Witnesses Like Job and Peter
817God Will Gain Only Those Who Utterly Overcome Satan
818Knowing Him Is God’s Final Requirement of Mankind
826You Should Know God Through His Work
841The Last Chance God Gives to Man
846God Silently Provides for Everyone
848God’s Mercy Towards Mankind Has Never Ceased
852God Is Man’s Eternal Support
864How Not to Offend God’s Disposition
869God Is Righteous Toward Everyone
872God’s Authority Is Real and True
873God’s Disposition Tolerates No Offense
874Man’s Rebellion Arouses the Wrath of God
876The Existence of All Mankind Rests on God
879God Made Heaven, Earth and All Things for Man
882All Things Are a Manifestation of the Creator’s Authority
884All Under the Creator’s Authority Is Utterly Perfect
885No One Can Supersede God’s Authority
886The Life of Man Cannot Be Without God’s Sovereignty
888All Things Will Submit Under the Dominion of God
894God Saves Those Who Worship God and Shun Evil
897This Is the Mankind That God Intends to Save
898The Creator’s Sincere Feelings Toward Mankind
899The Lives of All Beings of Creation Come From God
900How to Submit to God’s Authority
901God Long Ago Determined Man’s Fate
906The Life of Man Is Entirely Under God’s Sovereignty
907All Things Live in the Rules and Laws Set Down by God
908Suffering Fills the Days Without God
909Mankind Is Still the Same Mankind That God Created
911God Is the Sole Sovereign of Man’s Fate
915Those Gained by God Will Enjoy Eternal Blessings
931Turn Your Heart Towards God to Feel His Loveliness
932There Is No True Service Without True Prayer
944Only Those Who Fear God Live With Dignity
958Changes in Disposition Are Mainly Changes in Nature
967The Purpose Behind God’s Arrangements for Man
976Practice the Truth and Your Disposition Will Change
988Fear God to Gain His Protection
992Only With a Changed Disposition Can You Truly Obey God
998This Is the Likeness of a Real Person
1000How to Walk Peter’s Path
1008God Wishes for More People to Gain His Salvation
1009Follow God’s Words and You Cannot Be Lost
1017God Likes Those Who Pursue the Truth
1024God Takes Great Pains to Save Man
1028God’s Substance Is Both Almighty and Practical
1029Only God Loves Man Most
1031God Has Given All His Love to Humanity
1035Everything God Does for Man Is Sincere