The Significance of God’s Name: If God’s Name Is Jehovah, Why Then Is He Called Jesus? Why Was God Called “Jehovah God” and Then “Jesus”? What Are the Meanings of God’s Names?

It is clearly recorded in the Bible that the name Jehovah would last forever and to all generations. But when the Lord Jesus came to perform His work of redemption, the name Jehovah was no longer mentioned. Evidently, God’s name is not unchangeable, but rather it changes as God’s work changes.

Testimony of Passing Exams,Through Prayer, I Saw God-s Wonderful Deeds Testimony of Passing Exams: Through Prayer, I Saw God’s Wonderful Deeds

In such a ferociously competitive society as we live in today, many students will feel anxious when it comes time to take their exams. So how can we rid ourselves of our pre-exam nerves and calmly face each exam? Let’s see …

Christian Life, I May Not Be Rich, but I’m Very Fortunate God’s Blessings: I May Not Be Rich, but I’m Very Fortunate

Only after my experiences did I finally understand that God had arranged these situations to awaken my heart and my spirit, and to get me to live in God’s blessings—all this was God’s painstaking effort!