God’s Burden Is Light I’m So Worn Out by Life—What Can I Do?

Only by believing in God yourself and learning through your own experiences will you be able to appreciate what true happiness, true joy and true peace are. Finally, I just want to tell you this: Only by believing in God, understanding the truth and knowing God will we be able to find true happiness!

Sign of the End Times: Super Blood Moon in 2021—What Is God’s Warning to Us?

Many people have taken notice of the recent frequent occurrences of supermoons and blood moons, and these astronomical wonders fulfill biblical prophecies—what is God trying to warn us about through these?

I Find a Happy Life I Understand the Essence of Wealth and Find at Last My Happy Life

To avoid being looked down on by others, she tries desperately to make money, and ends up draining a bitter draught of pain. Bewildered and lost, God’s words give her a new direction in life, she no longer works flat out for money, and she begins to live a life of happiness.

No Longer a Shopaholic, I’ve Attained Spiritual Freedom A Christian’s Experience: Putting Aside Vanity, I’ve Attained Spiritual Freedom

In modern society, social competition runs rampant and many people have become obsessed with shopping to the point of near addiction. Want to know how to break free from this obsession and gain spiritual freedom? Read on …