The World Is Beset by Catastrophe: Do You Wish to Know the Truth About the Rapture and the Second Coming of the Lord?

The coronavirus in Wuhan, locusts in East Africa, bushfires in Australia…, disasters like these have become a common occurrence all over the world. The Bible’s prophecies about the coming of the Lord have been fulfilled, so why have we yet to be raised up before the great tribulation? How can we be raptured?

3 Practices to Develop a Powerful Prayer Life in 2019 3 Practices to Develop a Powerful Prayer Life in 2020

How to develop a powerful prayer life? How can Christians gain the power of prayer and face life’s challenges with ease? Read on …

I Find a Happy Life I Understand the Essence of Wealth and Find at Last My Happy Life

To avoid being looked down on by others, she tries desperately to make money, and ends up draining a bitter draught of pain. Bewildered and lost, God’s words give her a new direction in life, she no longer works flat out for money, and she begins to live a life of happiness.

Relying on God, Build Easy-going Relationships With Co-workers Workplace Relationships for Christians: By Relying on God, I Was Able to Build Easy-going Relationships With Co-workers

She was able to easily resolve these issues, and not only established a good relationship with her co-worker, but even earned her praise. Do you want to know how she achieved all this? Read on to hear her story.