Classic Words From Almighty God, Christ of the Last Days

Classic selections from words expressed by Almighty God, Christ of the last days, have been collected in this book. These words are a guide for those who long for the appearance of God to seeking His footprints. They can lead you to find the entrance to the kingdom of heaven.”  Read More ›



1Classic Words on God’s Three Stages of Work for Saving Mankind
2Classic Words on God’s Work of Judgment and Chastisement in the Last Days
3Classic Words on the Truth of the Mysteries of God’s Incarnation
4Classic Words on the Bible
5Classic Words on the Relationship Between Each Stage of God’s Work and the Name of God
6Classic Words on God’s Disposition and What He Has and Is
7Classic Words on Knowing God Himself, the Unique
8Words on God Revealing How Satan Corrupts Mankind and Satan’s Evil Essence
9Words on God Revealing the Satanic Disposition of Corrupt Mankind and Their Nature and Essence
10Classic Words on the Reality of the Truth God’s Chosen People Must Enter Into
11Classic Words on God’s Requirements, Exhortations, Warnings, and Consolations
12Classic Words on God’s Standards for Defining Man’s Outcome and on the Ending for Every Kind of Person
13Words on God’s Prophecies on the Beauty of the Kingdom and Mankind’s Destination, and God’s Promises and Blessings