• The Word Appears in the Flesh

    This was the first time since the creation that God had addressed all mankind. These utterances were the first text expressed by God among mankind in which He exposed people, guided them, judged them, and spoke heart-to-heart to them and so, too, were they the first utterances in which God let people know His footsteps, the place in which He lies, God’s disposition, what God has and is, God’s thoughts, and His concern for mankind. It can be said that these were the first utterances that God had spoken to mankind from the third heaven since the creation, and the first time that God had used His inherent identity to appear and express the voice of His heart to mankind amid words.  Read More ›

  • Utterances of Christ of the Last Days (Selections)

    Almighty God, Christ of the last days, expresses words to judge and purify people, and leads them to enter into the new age—the Age of Kingdom. All those who submit under the dominion of Christ shall enjoy higher truth and receive greater blessings. They shall truly live in the light, and they shall gain the truth, the way, and the life.   Read More ›

  • Classic Words From Almighty God, Christ of the Last Days

    Classic selections from words expressed by Almighty God, Christ of the last days, have been collected in this book. These words are a guide for those who long for the appearance of God to seek His footprints. They can lead you to find the entrance to the kingdom of heaven.  Read More ›

  • Selections of the Words of Almighty God

    Selections from the words of Almighty God about His work are included in this book and bear witness for all those who hope and pray for the appearance of God of the Savior’s return upon white clouds long ago, and bear witness to the appearance and work of Almighty God in the Age of Kingdom. This leads mankind to recognize that Almighty God and the Lord Jesus are the same God—He is the Lamb prophesied in the Book of Revelation who has opened the scroll and the seven seals.   Read More ›

  • Testimonies for Christ of the Last Days

    Almighty God, Christ of the last days, has expressed a variety of truths, uncovered every truth and mystery in the Bible, and revealed to mankind the inside story of the three stages of God’s work, the mystery of God becoming flesh and God’s work of judgment in the last days, etc. This testifies that Almighty God is the return of the Lord Jesus and that He is the appearance of God in the last days.   Read More ›

  • Selections of the Records of the Three Stages of God’s Work

    Would you like to understand God’s work? Would you like to follow God’s footsteps and be raised up before God’s throne? This book has selected the essential parts of the records of each stage of God’s work and uncovers the mystery of God’s three stages of work to save mankind, so that people can understand more clearly God’s management plan to save mankind and also what God has and is. This book is a path to understanding God’s work and knowing God.   Read More ›

  • God’s Sheep Hear the Voice of God (New Believer Essentials)

    Compiled into this book are the visionary truths of the three stages of God’s work, His names, the mystery of His incarnation, and how to distinguish between the true way and false ways, to be read and equipped by those who have only recently accepted God’s work in the last days, and so that they may lay foundations as quickly as possible upon the visionary truths of God’s work. ”  Read More ›

  • Listen to the Voice of God    Behold the Appearance of God

    This book is a collection of truths related to God’s incarnation as well as His three stages of work of saving mankind. These truths allow people to see the appearance and the work of Christ in the last days through God’s utterances, as well as come to know that Almighty God is the return of the Lord Jesus, and that He has expressed the truth and does the work of “judgment beginning at the house of God” in the last days, thus leading mankind to turn back toward God’s throne.   Read More ›

  • Classic Questions and Answers on the Gospel of the Kingdom (Selections)

    Critical questions and answers from these films that are related to the truth are excerpted in this book. These quintessential answers all come from the experience and understanding of the truth of God’s word held by God’s chosen people, and they come from the enlightenment and illumination of the Holy Spirit. Not only can this book resolve the issues and notions that those who seek and investigate the true way may hold, but it is also a wonderful piece of reference material for God’s chosen people to equip themselves with the truth and bear witness to God’s work.

  • Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs (English)

    This hymn book has two parts: The first is hymns made up of classic utterances by Almighty God, and the second is the true testimonies of God’s chosen people after undergoing His work of judgment. These hymns are of tremendous help to people in practicing their spiritual devotions, experiencing the words of God, and knowing the work of God. They are conducive to people understanding the truth and ridding themselves of their corrupt disposition in order to achieve God’s salvation. Read More ›

  • Testimonies of Experiences Before the Judgment Seat of Christ

    The judgment before the great white throne of the last days has begun! The last Christ—Almighty God—has expressed the truth to perform His work of judging and cleansing mankind. Through the revelation and judgment of God’s word, God’s chosen people are gradually realizing the fact of their corruption by Satan and finding the path to escape Satan’s influence, helping their life disposition achieve gradual change. These real experiences testify that the judgment work performed by Almighty God is the work of thoroughly saving mankind.   Read More ›

  • The Overcomers’ Testimonies   (Volume I)

    Since Almighty God has developed His judgment work of the last days in mainland China, although God’s chosen people have undergone savage, brutal persecution by Chinese government, they have been indomitable and unfalteringly loyal under the guidance of God’s words, forging a resounding witness of victory over Satan. The facts fully demonstrate that Almighty God truly has made a group of overcomers in the Age of Kingdom, achieving God’s management plan of six thousand years.   Read More ›

  • How I Turned Back to Almighty God

    Every believer in God has a special story about their personal journey of turning toward Him. This book shares the experiences of God’s chosen people receiving the guidance of Almighty God’s words. Some break free from the shackles and strictures of their religious notions, some escape from the disruption and persecution of religious circles’ antichrist forces and the evil forces of the Chinese Communist Party, and still others gain discernment on the evil trends of the world. They all ultimately determine what the true way is and come before God’s throne; these are their moving stories. Every one of these unique experiences reveals how Satan binds and harms mankind, and even more shows the authority and power of God’s words and that only God is love and salvation for man.  Read More ›

  • Classic Examples of Punishment for Resisting Almighty God

    This is a book of typical cases of those from various denominations and sects who were punished and cursed by God because of resisting God’s work in the last days and thwarting God’s will from being carried out. Hope you can learn lessons and gain revelation from them.  Read More ›

  • The Battle Between Justice and Evil

    God’s chosen people from The Church of Almighty God share their personal stories, revealing the CCP’s brutal repression of Christians and their persecution of religious beliefs, as well as their denial of and resistance to God, and their sinister conduct that violates the laws of nature. They dissect the evil essence of the great red dragon of hating the truth and hating God, and they gain an understanding that only Christ of the last days can bestow upon man the way of eternal life, and only those who accept God’s work in the last days will be the most blessed.   Read More ›