Chapter 12 of Interpretations of the Mysteries of God’s Words to the Entire Universe (Excerpts)

When all people take heed, when all things are renewed and revived, when every person submits to God without qualms, and is willing to shoulder the heavy responsibility of God’s burden—this is when the eastern lightning issues forth, illuminating all from the East to the West, terrifying all of earth with the arrival of this light; and at this moment, God once again begins His new life. Which is to say, at this moment God begins the new work on earth, proclaiming to people of the entire universe that “When lightning issues forth from the East—which is also precisely the moment that I begin to speak—at the moment the lightning comes forth, the whole empyrean is illuminated, and all the stars begin to transform.” So, when is the time that lightning issues forth from the East? When the heavens darken and the earth grows dim is also when God hides His face from the world, and the very moment when all beneath the heavens is about to be beset by a mighty storm. At this time, all people are stricken by panic, fearful of the thunder, afraid of the brilliance of the lightning, and even more terrified of the onslaught of the deluge, such that most of them shut their eyes and wait for God to unleash His wrath and strike them down. And as various states come to pass, the eastern lightning issues forth immediately. Which is to say, in the world’s East, from when testimony to God Himself begins, to when He begins to work, to when divinity begins to wield sovereign power across the earth—this is the glowing shaft of the eastern lightning, which has ever shone out to the whole universe. When the countries on earth become the kingdom of Christ is when the whole universe is illuminated. Now is the time when the eastern lightning issues forth: God incarnate begins to work, and, furthermore, speaks directly in divinity. It can be said that when God begins to speak on earth is when the eastern lightning comes forth. More precisely, when living water flows from the throne—when the utterances from the throne begin—is precisely when the utterances of the seven Spirits formally begin. At this time, the eastern lightning begins to come forth, and because of the difference in time, the degree of illumination also varies, and there is, too, a limit to the scope of radiance. But as God’s work moves, as His plan changes—as the work on the sons and people of God varies—the lightning increasingly performs its inherent function, such that all throughout the universe is illuminated, and no dregs or dross remain. This is the crystallization of God’s 6,000-year management plan, and the very fruit enjoyed by God. “The stars” does not refer to the stars in the sky, but to all the sons and people of God who work for God. Because they bear testimony to God in God’s kingdom, and represent God in God’s kingdom, and because they are creatures, they are called “the stars.” The changes that occur refer to changes in identity and status: They change from people on earth to people of the kingdom, and, furthermore, God is with them, and God’s glory is in them. As a result, they wield sovereign power in God’s stead, and the venom and impurities in them are cleansed because of God’s work, ultimately making them fit for use by God and after God’s heart—which is one aspect of these words’ meaning. When the shaft of light from God illuminates all the land, all things in heaven and on earth will change to varying degrees, and the stars in the sky will also change, the sun and moon will be renewed, and the people on earth will be subsequently renewed—which is all the work done by God between heaven and earth, and of no surprise.

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