900 How to Submit to God’s Authority

900 How to Submit to God’s Authority


How should humanity know and regard

God’s authority, His sovereignty over human fate?

This problem confronts all mankind.

When facing problems in your life,

how will you fathom and taste

God’s authority and sovereignty?

When you cannot understand,

when you face the problems of your life,

what attitude should you assume to demonstrate

your will and desire to obey God’s sovereign plan?


You should wait on God’s timing,

on people, events, and things

arranged and planned by God.

Bit by bit, God will show you His will.

You should seek through people and things

to see how God’s intentions are kind.

You will understand His truth

and the ways that you must keep.

God will lay before your eyes

the fruits He wants to achieve.

Submit and accept God’s sovereignty

and all things that are set up by Him,

to taste how your Maker directs your fate,

supplies you with life, and fills you with truth.

All things obey natural laws

under God’s plan and sovereignty.

If you determine to let God lead,

arrange and direct everything for you,

you must wait, seek, and submit.

This attitude is needed by all who bow before God.

Those who toil to have this quality shall reach true reality.

from “God Himself, the Unique III”

in The Word Appears in the Flesh

900 How to Submit to God’s Authority